Bit and Spur Making How to make Bits and Spurs by Bruce Cheaney Part 2

Article and How to video by Bruce Cheaney

Bit and spur making

In this bit and spur making video you will see that I am pretty much set and ready to weld the bit shanks up. The bit shanks and rings are cleaned and prepped to be tig welded. With a tig welder your metal needs to be clean so that it will weld smoothly and not have any air bubbles in the weld. I took a welding class at the local college here in Gainesville Texas in my earlier years that really helped me later on when I started tig welding.

I have some extra tungsten electrodes cleaned and sharpen here on my welding table so I can change them out quickly and keep on welding. I use tungsten 2% thoriated electrodes for my tig torch. The ceramic cup is a number 5. I have my bit ring shimmed up so it is in the center and in the right position to be welded. I will weld the seam up first then weld the ring to the shank and while I am welding I think about neatness and how I want my bits to look. By this I mean I want my welding to look real good and professional.

Welding rod 1/16″ diameter I tensil strength filler rod that I get from my welding supply Schad and Pulte Welding Supply here in Gainesville. You may notice that I wiped the welding rod off with clean rag this is because the rod has a light coat of oil on it to prevent rusting.

The Tig welding machine is a Syncrowave Miller DX 250 and works real good for welding my handmade bits and spurs.

Enjoy the How to video and good luck with your bit and spur making.

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