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Homemade metal bending tools article and How to video by Bruce Cheaney

I use these metal benders to make handmade horse bits. Maybe this video will give you an idea so you can make a bender for your metal working projects. I use heat to prepare the round rod for bending as you can see in the video and it works for me just fine. I made these metal benders many years ago and they still work great today.

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Bit and Spur Making

Article and How to video by Bruce Cheaney

Bit and spur making

In this bit and spur making video you will see that I am pretty much set and ready to weld the bit shanks up. The bit shanks and rings are cleaned and prepped to be tig welded. With a tig welder your metal needs to be clean so that it will weld smoothly and not have any air bubbles in the weld. I took a welding class at the local college here in Gainesville Texas in my earlier years that really helped me later on when I started tig welding.

I have some extra tungsten electrodes cleaned and sharpen here on my welding table so I can change them out quickly and keep on welding. I use tungsten 2% thoriated electrodes for my tig torch. The ceramic cup is a number 5. I have my bit ring shimmed up so it is in the center and in the right position to be welded. I will weld the seam up first then weld the ring to the shank and while I am welding I think about neatness and how I want my bits to look. By this I mean I want my welding to look real good and professional.

Welding rod 1/16″ diameter I tensil strength filler rod that I get from my welding supply Schad and Pulte Welding Supply here in Gainesville. You may notice that I wiped the welding rod off with clean rag this is because the rod has a light coat of oil on it to prevent rusting.

The Tig welding machine is a Syncrowave Miller DX 250 and works real good for welding my handmade bits and spurs.

Enjoy the How to video and good luck with your bit and spur making.

Miller Welders

Miller Welders YouTube

Bit and Spur Making Bruce Cheaney in the Bit and Spur Shop in Gainesville, Texas.

Bit and Spur Making Part 1

I have compiled a list of tools to get started with bit and spur making you can add to your tools as you progress.

A few tools to get started with Bit and Spur Making

1. Henrob 2000 torch
2. or a miller welder syncrowave 250 DX
3. Lightweight Victor Cutting Torch Rig
4.1″ x 42″ belt sander
5. Baldor buffer number 114
6. Anvil and stump
7. 4″ shop vise
8. Vise Grips
9. Steel work bench & welding table
10. Propane Forge
11. Ball peen hammers

Keep it simple to start with and then add to your tools and shop as you figure out what you need as far as tools and equipment.

Bit and Spur Making

Leathercraft and Metal Working Videos on my YouTube channel

Spur Making Videos by Bruce Cheaney

Spur Making How to Make Handmade Spurs Part 3

Spur Making How to Make Handmade Spurs Part 4

Spur Making How to Make Handmade Spurs Part 5

Spur Making How to Make Handmade Spurs Part 6

In this spur making video I tell you how long to cut your spur billet and then how long to make the split for the heel bands. The pair of spurs I am making in this spur making tutorial series is an old style pair of spurs with a turned up heel band where the spur buttons will be mounted and that is the reason for the extra length on this pair of bands.

You will see a finished spur billet that is now ready to be dressed and cleaned up so it can be wrapped around the heel band jig.

To make one piece spurs you need a good anvil and forge either a gas propane forge or a coal forge and a belt sander grinder a 2″ x 60″ will work but a 2″ x 72″ will be better for spur making.

I have more detailed information on my two hour spur making DVD that shows you how to make two pair of handmade spurs start to finish. The DVD covers everything you need to know for example how to bend your heel bands and how to make spur rowels and spur buttons and the spur hangers for the buttons.

You will also learn how to cut your own silver initials and silver parts and solder them onto the spurs to give them a personal and custom look and touch.

Bit and Spur Making DVD’s

This is clip number two on how to make Texas style one piece cowboy spurs.

The 2 x 72 belt grinder comes in handy for cleaning up the metal and doing heavy stock removal of steel so it can ground and shaped into a cowboy spur.

I’m going to knock off a little bit of the slag on the belt grinder here and then I’ll fire up the propane forge and show you how to start the spur making process…

Be sure to watch the spur making videos in this series of spur making tutorials so you will have a better idea of the process of making one piece cowboy spurs.

Thank You for taking your time to watch this How to video titled Spur Making – How to Make Handmade Spurs – Part 2

Bruce Cheaney
Gainesville, Texas.
Bit and Spur Maker

Bit and Spur Making

This is the first in a series of video clips on spur making that I uploaded to YouTube back a few years ago with the help of my son. The wireless microphone did not work because I had the wrong kind of jack plugged into the camera. Anyway I think you will be able to figure out what I am doing here in the video.

Video clip number one on how to make handmade one piece spurs. The metal used for this spur making tutorial is oilfield sucker rod that measures 3/4″ in diameter and what you see here is the metal being split 4 1/2″ to 5″ with a Victor cutting torch.

Next I have two spur making billets that need to be cleaned up on the 2″ X 72″ inch belt sander grinder in preparation for the next step which the propane forge where they will be heated so the can be hand forged to a flat thickness of approximately one half inch.

Thank You for taking the time to watch this spur making tutorial. You are welcome to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Bruce Cheaney
Gainesville, Texas.
Bit and Spur Maker

Bit and Spur Making

Hello Bit and Spur Makers!

This is an update of what has been going on in my bit and spur shop.

Bit and Spur Making Update Bruce Cheaney 2015. This is a quick update from the bit and spur shop here in Gainesville Texas.

I have plenty of work lined out in the bit and spur making department.

This YouTube video will show you what I have going on in the metal shop.